Unforgettable guided beer tours to local mini-breweries with UNLIMITED beer.
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Are you more into calmer trip with the touch of Czech history or do you rather prefer more energetic party?

Brewery tour

Experience the “genius loci” of the city while tasting world famous Czech beer in local mini-breweries.

  • 3 breweries & 9 varieties of beer & appetizer
  • Learn brewing processes and history
  • Unlimited beer drinking at the last stop

Stag party

No limit drinking on a night out with a group of your friends. Sounds like a great stag / hen party plan, right?!

  • 2 breweries & 9 varieties of beer & appetizer
  • Learn about beer and have fun at the same time
  • Unlimited beer drinking at every stop

"Amazing tour. Superb beers from spots we would never have found! You will get drunk!"

Sandy T.
(Canada) via TripAdvisor.com

"I can’t explain just how brilliant this was, the beer was excellent, the food was superb and frankly the guide made our whole trip to Prague something to remember. I can’t rate this high enough, don’t think about it… just do it! You won’t regret it. Trust me."

Antony G.
(USA) via Viator.com

"We joined the tour as a group of 10 (stag do, sorry) and we got far more for our money than I was expecting. We all had a great time and felt it the next day. It is well worth the money."

Alberto P.
(Chile) via TripAdvisor.com

"A fantastic tasting tour! None of our questions were left unanswered and we were provided with useful general guidance about the city….as well as helping us get home! Thanks BeePrague for making this tour so memorable."

Hinesh M.
(UK) via TripAdvisor.com

"Our guide was super friendly and knew the secrets of beer-making, the historical landmarks and of course where to go to enjoy a few beers that are only available locally. We had a lovely time!"

Katrin B.
(Sweden) via LikeaLocalGuide.com


We are a team of enthusiastic beer lovers of different cultures and mentalities. You can bet that each of us will make your tour unforgettable and really entertaining.
Prague Beer Tour Guide, Stag Party Guide

Filip is native Czech studying law and economics here in Prague. He speaks English and German. And yes, he loves beer also!

Stag Party Guide

“Party beast” born in Russia, but living & working in Czech republic for many years now. He enjoys larger groups the most.

Prague Beer Tour Guide, Stag Party Guide

Vašek is native Czech studying American studies. He also spent semester directly in USA, so be sure he is always great companion.

Jan (Honza)
Prague Beer Tour Guide

Being with us almost from the beginning makes Jan really skilled guide. He is Czech and enjoys private tours as well as larger parties.

Jean Baptiste (J.B.)
Prague Beer Tour Guide

J.B. has French roots, but still prefers beer over wine. Besides French,he is fluent in Spanish and English. When not with us, he teaches languages here in Prague.

Prague Beer Tour Guide, Stag Party Guide

Ella (Eliška) is fluent in English and German (even teaching German is a school) and what is really interesting about her is that she is very skilled accordion player.


We have a tour for everyone

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Brewery tour Stag party

Beer, Prague and history

Best way how to learn about Czech beer is to taste one. And we are happy to help you with this on our tours! But if you want to prepare on your own first, you can check out those articles. 

Czech Historical Heritage

What do you know about Prague as the city? Have you seen Prague Castle or maybe Charles Bridge? Let’s take a look and get some basic info first.

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Czech Brewing History

Czech beer is one of the famoust in world. Were you ever interested about the history behind? Do you know what beer types were brewed as first and where? Do you know where the Pilsner type is coming from?

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Beer Interesting Facts

How do you say beer in Czech? What is the beer consumption in Czech republic? Those and other interesting facts you can find here.

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see more beer facts

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