Beer Facts

  • Czech republic is having the greatest per capita consumption of the beer in the world (i.e. 160 liters annually). That is one bottle of beer for every man, woman and kid living here per day! This has been fact in nearly last hundred years.
  • Czech beer comes in many degrees (also known as percentage) in the range 6-19%. 10% and 12% are the most common. Many think that the percent is equal to the amount of alcohol inside the drink, but it’s actually the amount of malt extract used in the brewing process. Of course, malt contains sugar, so to some extent we can claim that the higher the percent (malt used), the higher the alcohol. The percentage of alcohol is about a quarter of the “percent” displayed on the bottle, so 12% beer is around 3% alcohol.
  • The best temperature at which to drink beer is somewhere between 7-10 degrees Celsius. Which is by the way achievable by keeping it on the seventh step down to the cellar.
  • Almost 97 % of the Czech beer production comprises of light, bottom-fermented beers in the Pilsner style.
  • In 1842 it was the Czech brewery in the city of Pilsen that has given the world the brand name of Pils.
  • The Union of Czech Brewers and Malt Houses drive the geographic trademark of “Czech Beer”. In 2008 it introduced clear and strict rules about location, method and ingredients the Czech beer must be brewed from.
  • Today there is rising number of mini-breweries. Most popular beer styles here are still the “Czech” lagers followed by many others genuinely produced and professionally treated beers. Let’s name e.g. Weiss bier, bock, porter, stout and most mind-blowing other experimental brands.
  • The number of mini-breweries in Czech republic is slowly approaching 250 (about 20 in Prague).
  • Czech beer has been brewed at minimum since about 993 AD. Brewing in this early stage has been associated mostly with monasteries. The first reference of the brewing process according scripted documentation reveals that Benedictine monks brewed beer in the Břevnov Monastery.
  • “Pivo” means beer in Czech. “Pivnice” is a Czech beer hall. Both are important words to know, when visiting Czech republic.

Czech beer infographic